19 January 2017


Spanish hardcore, wild and nasty. I know nothing about this unearthed '90s gem that's not included with the tape so I'll save you the know-it-all bullshit and let you get to raging. Heavy '80s USHC influence, five songs in five minutes. You're welcome.

18 January 2017


Mexico City's finest dark punks meet Austin's fiercest dark punks. These two were made to be on the same cassette. 

17 January 2017


This one too me by complete surprise. The artwork led me to believe I was either stepping into a pile of shit-fi noise or was about to be tortured with some awful "ironic" pop punk...artwork lies, my friends. TRASH MANTRA is gorgeous, hypnotic and advanced psychedelic electronic trance brilliance. Simple and raw, not calculated, the half hour of sound on this cassette grabbed me immediately and never let go....listen to the opening of the second track "we are the rats // feeding on your trash" and the careful drunken meander that follows. "Liquor Store" is the closest thing to a traditional "song," and could be reincarnated as a blissed out indie anthem were it not so fukkn weird (in a very very good way), and the tape ends with a driving ten minute synth drenched freakout...it's all here man. And it's all good....like, really good.

16 January 2017


You mutants know the drill here, right? Through countless membership changes and mutations, Baltimore's LOTUS FUCKER have been sporadically serving up ferocious noise punk for the better part of a decade...and it still cuts straight through the shit and draws blood. The shit is pure, the shit is weird, and the shit is not for the timid. Maximum volume, please.

15 January 2017


Fast and irreverent late '90s punk from the Brazilian beach town of Vila Velha, this is the kind of melodic shit that we all (and I mean "me" when I say "we") embraced shamelessly at the time because it wasn't dirty yet. Listen to "All My Friends" and hear the HICKEY hooks, while an unmistakable F.Y.P. vibe runs through the whole demo (F.Y.P....I guess I get it, but I was never a fan). Folks from MUKEKA DI RATO and MERDA got their feet wet here, which will likely perk the interest of a few of you....the rest of you? Stop being cool for half a morning and just enjoy yourself, blast "Cuspa Cerveja Na Minha Cara" and think about the good things in the world. If only for a few minutes. It's worth it. 

14 January 2017


Maybe you know about this St. Louis outfit. Maybe you don't I didn't. Then, at about 1:30am on a cold night in Oklahoma City last March, I found out. So now it's your turn.

13 January 2017


I don't really need to put words on the internet about THE CRAMPS, do I? Honestly, they never really did it for me. I get it, their place in the annals of over-the-top sensational punk and glam was cemented long before I knew who they were, and eternal cheers for shoving their cross dressing make up wearing asses in the collective lap of the sketchy skinhead retirement club known as "rockabilly." So here you go....some tracks from '83, a few from '78 and a live set from sometime around the same era. 

12 January 2017


You don't just have to pay attention, you have to look. There are hundreds of these. Thousands. Bands that popped up somewhere on the other side of this flat disc we call home, played their hearts out and then moved on or faded away before the geographically challenged had a chance to notice...or, perhaps, bands that took an entirely different trajectory and ended up playing Wacken, like our Indonesian guests BURGERKILL. 2000's Dua Sisi was their first release, and it's very much a hardcore platter, though the roots of the metal powerhouse they evolved into are evident. I suppose if you put the term "crossover" in a modern context, this is a perfect example? I just think it's a meaty hardcore platter.....

11 January 2017


Absolute ripper. Pure and positive Y2K fastcore from 1999, these kids dropped one EP and one split before disappearing. But this demo.....ooof. All go, no slow, riffs for days and a clenched fist with pointed finger at my keyboard. Someone want to tell me if the Henrik on vocals here is the same Henrik who fronted OUTLAST? Same era, both bands hailed from Linköping...anyone?

10 January 2017


People try really hard to be this weird. This dark. This pure. This real. But Minnesota's LIFE DRAG aren't trying.....they are just trying to be. Morose and monotone noise rock dissected and dismantled, dragged back to its most primitive and sinister state. Get loose. Let go. 

09 January 2017


How many more of these gems have yet to be unearthed and offered to hungry ears? From 1984, At The Point Of Death is an atmospheric death rock masterpiece - deadly plodding pieces with calculated vocals that fall back and sooth when appropriate....only to envelop you. This was new to me when Nostilevo released it a few years back....no history, only history. Superb.

08 January 2017


This was one of my favorite straight punk demos from 2016, and I straight up missed the fukkrs when they rolled through town because I was at work. In the world of excuses, which is simultaneously the lamest and most understandable (or, at least in my case, predictable) excuse imaginable. Tough as nails and more infectious that anything else you're gonna listen to today....

07 January 2017


I have little context, but the harsh and primal approach on this demo brings to mind many things that I loved (and miss) about '90s hardcore. It's shamelessly fast, recording is pretty assy and weak, vocals are filled with spit and venom and the whole thing is just so damn pissed. This is hardcore done by people who are driven, compelled, people who have no choice. Because we didn't. Outsiders were still really outsiders, and punk wasn't romanticized or commercialized in any discernible way (yet), and being angry and frustrated was still scary...like it should be. 

06 January 2017


I mean...you guys all know about this shit already. Right? Because you should. If you don't....? Well then now you do and you no longer have an excuse. So there.

05 January 2017


2015's Satyagraha was one of the best records of that year, and straight up the most inventive thing I have ever heard come out of the narrow confines of raw, distorted DBeat. I left a bandmate's wedding reception early to catch them in a backyard in Oakland last summer (sorry, Andrew), and while the sound was complete garbage and I couldn't see a fukkn thing because the lights were pointed at the meager audience....they leveled the joint. I bought a stupid Chainsaw Massacre ripoff tour shirt (little known fact: sometimes I don't make the best financial decisions) and this banger here that easily makes up for the cash I blew on that shirt. As the title (and art) suggests, here's Sweden's PARANOID laying waste to a who's who of modern and classic punk and metal: PISSCHRÏST, EXPLOITED, STREBERS, CELTIC FROST, SEPULTURA, KAAOS, DARKTHRONE, STATE OF FEAR, ACURSED (most underrated Swedish band of the '00s? Perhaps...), ANTI CIMEX, TOTALITÄR, and PENTAGRAM. And still....it sounds like fukkn PARANOID. Essential Cream Status.